All You Need Is LOV

Each year we put together a LOV list (List Of Volunteers) which is a group of people able to provide help and support to families within our school community, in times of need- such as (but not restricted to):

  • birth of a baby when mum and dad may need help with older sibling lunches, pick up and drops offs
  • moving house where the family may need help with a few meals on moving day or a couple of days after the move
  • Family emergency of any kind
  • unforeseen circumstances

A request for help may include:

  • food packages, school lunches,
  • prayers,
  • basic household assistance,
  • drop-off and pick-up from school,
  • driving rosters e.g., for medical appointments or help with shopping.

We do not have many volunteers on this list. If you would like to join our wonderful volunteers please click here to fill out the form and return it to the office or drop us an email. You can volunteer for all of the tasks or only a few.

Our lives change and the LOV list is available to drop off and on as you feel at any time through the year. Many hands make light work and the generosity of time and assistance required is shared amongst the entire list. You may only be called upon once or twice a year to give assistance and possibly not at all.

Please be assured that any requests made to the LOV Coordinators are kept confidential. Your information is treated with respect and privacy. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask:

Jo Cox   (0449 840 602,  & Neidra Motha ( 0438 068141,