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P & F Association

The Sacred Heart P&F recognises and values the roles that parents and carers play in the education of their children, and aims to strengthen the partnerships between family, school, parish and the wider community, for the benefit of the children’s development and learning.


Our Mission

To build and maintain a strong relationship between the school, parents, parish and its communities.

We commit to these partnerships by:

  • Reaching out to all associated with the school to build a friendly and welcoming faith filled community, which seeks to involve all its members;
  • Providing a parental perspective to assist the principal in decision making;
  • Raising funds to provide resources and opportunities for enriching the learning environment of the school;
  • Supporting parents and carers in their parental responsibilities and involvement in their children’s learning at home and school;
  • Providing opportunities for parents and carers to gain insights into the life of the school, current developments in education and Catholic education in particular;
  • Providing a means for parents and carers to affiliate with the Diocesan Parent Council (DPC) and have a voice at diocesan level and with the Council of Catholic School Parents (NSW) at state level.

School staff in the development of school policies through consultation processes;To fulfill these endeavours, the P&F assists:The Sacred Heart P&F supports the school’s strategic plan and assists in setting priorities for educational equipment and resources as articulated in that strategic plan.

  • In the provision of educational equipment and resources for the school;
  • Through participation in activities such as working bees, to help maintain the school grounds;
  • In the organisation of social activities to bring parents together, to enhance the community of the school;
  • Through liaison with the parish community to develop effective relationships to further support the faith development of the students.

The Sacred Heart P&F is extremely active but prides itself on building its relationships, while having fun and socialising. Some of the major achievements of Sacred Heart’s P&F include:

  • Renovation of the school’s existing outdoor pool, into an indoor swimming centre with classes available to the school as well as the wider community
  • Development and maintenance of “open space” endeavours including grounds maintenance, stadium seating for the oval, children’s outdoor play equipment and outdoor BBQ and shelter
  • Continued financial commitment to the music program at Sacred Heart
  • Yearly donations to varied school and Parish related charities
  • Maintaining a close relationship with the Parish through consultation, committees and events
  • Continuing the tradition of the Annual Cocktail Party, welcoming new and existing families to the school year
  • Hosting a minimum of four, annual social events including a formal dinner dance, trivia night, gentlemen’s evening and a mother’s night out
  • Successfully supporting Open Day and Catholic Schools Week to promote the school to the wider community
  • Providing a wide range of opportunities for involvement in the school community, including Diocesan Parent Council, Social Club, Class Parents, Pastoral Care, P&F Executive Committee, Fundraising, Canteen, Communications (internal/external), Class Helpers, Catechists, Working Bees and the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) Committee

The P&F holds its public meetings six times a year with an Annual General Meeting included in the last meeting of each year. All executive members of the P&F are elected at the end of each school year, for the beginning of the next. If you wish to contact a member of the current Sacred Heart P&F Association, please see below.

We adopt the Broken Bay constitution model in helping us to achieve our mission.

P & F Committee Members 2023

President: Christine Webb
Vice President: Vacant Position
Secretary: Angela Bracks
Treasurer: Pamela Riddett
Schools Parent Representative (CSP): Vacant Position
Class Parents Coordinator: Claire Brickett
Events Coordinator: Vacant Position
Sustainability Coordinator Jitendra Marchino
The Dish Coordinator Assil Ghandour
General Members: Michelle Mullins, Vinosha Wagget, Belinda Hellmich

To contact any of the P&F Committee, please e-mail

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