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Swim School 

We have a swim school onsite run by Aquabliss, who offer a wide range of programs for babies (from 6 months) and children (from 30 months), where safety comes first in their fun and friendly environment. 


Why Swimming At a Young Age is Important 

Your child has the opportunity to improve their swimming abilities on our grounds. 

Nurture your child’s educational, social and physical development through swimming lessons. A four-year study of over 7,000 children by the Griffith University in Australia found that children who took swimming lessons were more advanced in physical and mental development when compared to their non-swimming peers. For example, the 3-5 year olds who swam were 11 months ahead in verbal skills, 6 months ahead in math skills and 2 months ahead in literacy skills. 

Not only will swimming at an early age help your child progress in their developmental skills, but lessons can give you peace of mind in knowing that your child can be wiser about being safe in and around water.  


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Our Facility 

  • Recently refurbished 
  • Indoors with air heaters  
  • Heated pool 
  • Poolside bathroom 
  • Onsite parking  
  • Open on Saturdays 


Aquabliss Swim Teachers 

All Aquabliss swim teachers have been trained in the Aquabliss teaching methodology (with 20+ hours in-water training) and are all qualified by either  

Austswim or Swim Australia. Our teachers are also CPR certified and, if over 18, have their Working With Children Check (WWCC). 


Aquabliss Prices + Booking System 

Aquabliss provides affordable lessons with no lock-in contracts! They have an easy pay by month via direct debit system, where you only pay for the class that you book in; there are no additional sign up or cancellation fees. They now have an online booking platform where you can book, cancel and reschedule your lessons instantly.  


Aquabliss Teaching Methodology 

The Aquabliss teaching methodology has been carefully crafted after months of revision, feedback, team meetings and testing. Their program has been redefined to ensure outcomes at each level are clear and consistent. 

Each level accommodates age appropriate skill sets which have been thoughtfully constructed to reflect a more realistic acquisition of basic swim techniques, which in turn, will produce a smoother and steady progression for their swimmers. 


What Are the Benefits of Children Learning to Swim? 

Physical Benefits: Swimming is a low-impact exercise to help your child stay fit and healthy, and burn off any excess energy. Swimming is also great for building strong muscles, improves coordination and helps relieve stress. 

Mental Benefits: Swimming helps your child learn new skills, improves their confidence in achieving their goals and teaches them the importance of perseverance. 

Social Benefits: Swimming classes helps your child interact with other swimmers and helps nurture a positive relationship between teachers and students in a fun and interactive environment. 

Safety Awareness: Children learn the importance of water safety in every lesson and will learn how to be safe in and around water all year round. 


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