Broken Bay School Governance

The purpose of the project is

  • to deepen our knowledge and understanding of what ‘governance’ means in a Catholic school setting and what it can achieve for our students and
  • to develop a model of effective and efficient school community governance practices that enhance and align all aspects of Catholic school improvement and result in better decisions for our students.

Ultimately the purpose of school community governance is to provide the best possible learning opportunities for students while promoting our partnership with parents.

I am inviting interested parties to join our first school governance group to be made of up 6-8 parents and teachers.  At this stage, I am suggesting one meeting each term (before or after school time), a 2 year tenure on this group/committee, directly linked to our SIP(strategic improvement plan).

If you are interested in taking part in this inaugural group/committee for SHP, please email our office and outline (no more than one page) your suitability or enthusiasm to support this Broken Bay School Governance initiative. Applications close on April 10.  Our first meeting will be at the beginning of term 2.