Canteen week 6

We have had some questions regarding QKR and these are the most common problems that arise:

  • Remember to press “submit payment” or your order won’t be placed.
  • Be careful to select the correct “day to receive order.” Often the order is placed for the following week by mistake.
  • Be sure you have updated your child’s profile to reflect the correct class or their order will end up in the wrong class tub.
  • Cutoff time for orders is 8:30am on the morning of canteen. QKR will not allow you to order after this time.
  • If an item is not on the menu it is because it is sold out or a special that is not available that day.
  • Cancellations and refunds: If you would like to cancel your order, you can do so before 8:30am. Go to “Activity” at the top of the home screen. Your profile will receive a credit note and the amount will automatically be deducted from your next order.

I hope these tips helped, please email me on should you have any more questions or queries regarding the canteen, QKR! or would like to volunteer.

Our volunteer roster for the next few shifts is as follows:

Friday 23 December
9.00 - 12.45 Helper Needed
9.30 - 11.30 Helper Needed
9.00 - 12.45 Julie Douglas
10.00 - 1.30 Marie de Alvis
Wednesday 28 November
9.00 - 12.30pm Charlotte Douglas
10.30 - 1.30pm Caroline Owens
Friday 30 November
9.00 - 10.00am Katherine Stonestreet
9.00 - 12.45pm Susan Colley
10.00 - 1.30pm Angela Bracks