I thought that the debating camp was very interesting, and it taught me a lot. I felt determined to get out there and debate, with the great things I learnt from Luke, our mentor. I think that this was a great opportunity for me and my classmates, because we all had fun and learnt amazing things that could not learnt without this camp. I hope that others can also discover and find their little “treasure of debating” in the future!! – Misato M

Debating Camp was phenomenal!  Luke, the debating coach, taught us many ways to improve an argument in a debating environment.  We covered many topics throughout the lesson and we always used one helpful method called MMM (Manner, Method and Matter).  We learned how to use these skills to our advantage! Many pages of notes were taken throughout the morning. It was an intense and fun experience.  I cannot wait to be a leader and help to teach these principles next year. David M

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to participate in a Debating Workshop with 11 other Year 5 students. We learnt about how to structure a debate and the 3 M’S which are very important when it comes to public speaking.  Manner was about the way we speak when we present and method was how we structure our debates. We worked out  that matter was the most important when it came to debating because the matter is the content. I was very grateful to be selected to participate in the workshop. It was a fun learning experience. Beatie D