New Address

During the Christmas holidays a fence will be erected at the Richard Porter Way /‘church’ entrance to the school.  Gates will be placed on the pathways from the netball court and church.  These gates will be closed during school hours and signs to direct visitors to our main entrance – 1 Bobbin Head Road.  On the Bobbin Head Road side of the school, the fencing will be continued near the entrance and the cottage.  Gates will be placed at the top of the stairs.  Out school will be CLOSED during school hours so no one will be able to walk through the school grounds.  On the weekend, the carpark will be open as it always is for Mass.  I will be putting a notice in the Parish bulletin before the end of the school year to advise Parishioners.  Please help me to promote this message of the safety of our SHP students to our Parishioners and the community.

The Council has approved of this change and the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) has been advised.  We are slowly changing our letterhead.  A new ‘letterbox’ will be placed on the Bobbin Head Road exit of our school.