Parent Information Night

This will be a wonderful opportunity to be informed of the learning and expectations for your child for 2019.

6.00pm – HALL (K-6 Parents)

6:30pm – In classrooms (information pertaining specific to each class)

7.00pm –In classrooms (information pertaining specific to each class) (repeated)


Please be sure to collect the following forms from the class teacher this evening or if you are unable to attend please return forms to class teacher:


Responsible Users Agreement – Use of Technology at Sacred Heart

At the information night, you will receive a Responsible Users Agreement outlining the behavioural expectations for using technology at school.  Parents are asked to go through these expectations with their child.  Most adults would have similar requirements for the use of technology in the work place and it is good for the children to know that we can all be responsible users of technology to help care for ourselves, others and the technology itself.

Parents and students are asked to sign these forms and return to your child’s class teacher. Students will not be able to access the technology at school until this agreement is signed and returned.