Year 6 Leadership Camp

Our students were exceptional and were congratulated on the way they embraced every opportunity and showed respect to all.  Both Mr Felsman and myself felt privileged to be a part of this wonderful opportunity and so proud of our Senior Leaders.

We asked the students to write a short paragraph, choosing a moment in time at the camp. We hope you enjoy reading a selection of these.

Be sure to check out our photos outside the library – they’re amazing!

A Moment In Time- Rock Climbing by David

I stood before the 10 metre, wall shivering, knowing I have never conquered something this high. I wait patiently, brushing off any tightness. Then I slowly walk towards the wall. My classmates are cheering and this is the moment to show them my ability. As I scramble up the rock climbing wall I say to myself “DO NOT look down”. My arms stretch, as I activate my core muscles. Fingers tingling, the higher I climb. The rocks get harder to grip and I am so close, but will I make it?


A moment in time, Year 6 Camp

“Ready, set, go!” I raced towards the net as I hastily put hands and feet on anything that was firm enough to hold me…


I could hear the shouts of encouragement from below as I ascended up the rocks one at a time. For the first time I looked up and I could feel my grip tightening as the rope rubbed against my skin. My head tilted and I tried to pull it back but it pulled harder and I looked down…


A herd of emotions flooded my body, “I want to come down,” I said with regret. My team-mates considered this for a second but everyone encouraged me and made me take a couple more steps;


A surge of determination and adrenaline filled me up as I sprinted up the rocks. Everyone screamed and the crowd went wild as I pulled the rope and sounded the bell!


A proud smirk climbed across my face as I abseiled down the 10 metre wall with complete satisfaction. Daisy



My heart was pounding faster than ever as Michael clipped me on to the giant swing.  I looked at my classmates, with my palms sweating. The ladder was pulled away and before I knew it, my classmates were pulling me higher and higher. Should I tell them to stop? Oh wait! I’m too late! They are counting down, my hands are starting to shake as I reached for the red rope. 3… 2… 1… BAM! I’m flown backwards feeling like I’m about to hit the ground and die.

My tummy suddenly dropped and I tried not to scream, even though I really wanted to let it out! The swing threw me back and forth,    Wow! At least I could see the ocean. As Michael pulled me back in, I felt a rush of relief cross me, but I was very happy that I gave this terrifying swing a go!


The Climb!!


I could clearly hear my breath, as loud as a lion’s roar. I could feel my heart beat as fast as a fearless cheetah – the adrenaline was distracting me.

I couldn’t do it. I thought I couldn’t do it. But something in the air changed my mind – something about the connection with my friends on the other side of the rope. I elevated my leg to the lofty, red, rock, as my hand slipped with nervous sweat. My heart skipped a beat.

When I tried to let out a voice, nothing came out. Just silence. Maybe a quiet groan.

“We’ve got you, you’re in safe hands!”

Words of encouragement from my friends was all I needed. A gush of excitement and determination filled me to the brim. Before I knew it, I was climbing the 10 metre wall to the top. When I rang the bell, I was so proud of myself. The encouragement, the adrenaline, it was all surely part of the fun. And…. I didn’t regret a single second of it.