Environmental Committee News

As the Year 6 Environmental committee in 2017 we would like to make a difference in our school environment. Some of the things we would like to do are to reduce the amount of rubbish around the school and to participate in environmental events around Australia or possibly the world.

Our first chance is with Clean up Australia Day (Friday 3rd March). We want to raise awareness to make the Sacred Heart environment healthier and happier. We plan to clean up the school this day, to raise awareness to the students, teachers and parents about our environment.

At the beginning of the day we are going to take photos of our environment. Some photo’s during the clean-up and then after to show the progression and success of this initiative. We will publish the success on our school website displaying the care we have as a Sacred Heart Community towards this school. We are privileged to have such an abundant area to play and enjoy each other’s company.

We need your help to achieve this!

We would greatly appreciate it if you are willing to donate unneeded gloves, secateurs, watering cans and/or any gardening tools you are able to spare.  These tools will be utilised fortnightly to reduce rubbish and improve the schools cleanliness, waste management and gardens. We greatly appreciate your support.

We have registered the school as a Clean-up Australia Day site and in turn the council will be providing us with some gloves and plastic bags.

The year 6 environmental committee –
Jess B, Erin H and Charlotte G

For further information and initiatives we may look into throughout the year please visit.