Read Aloud

Every child, even the ‘big kids’ should read aloud to an adult as often as possible (every week day would be ideal).  Take turns – you read one page and they read the next.  It helps enormously with children’s understanding of a text.  As they read aloud, their pronunciation of words is the first indicator of whether they understand what they’re reading.  If they’re following punctuation, it can also demonstrate their understanding of the text.   Reading aloud also gives you an opportunity to hear WHAT they’re reading and then you can have a discussion about the story.  Who does the character remind you of?  What do you think about that? When do you think that happened?

I have a dream…… that if every child was able to do a generous amount of reading every day not only would our literacy standards be through the roof, our children would have another little world of their own to adventure through and they would not be nagging for screen time.

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