Five of our teachers are attending an intensive 2 days of learning about STEM as part of a research study by the University of Sydney.  The STEM Institute will follow up with more research in the middle of the year and a showcase event in November.  We are very excited about this project around STEM which the whole school will be benefiting from.

Please read the following message from the team.

STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy

This Monday and Tuesday the Stage 2 Teachers and Mrs Janet Doyle attended their first two professional learning days at the Sydney University STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy. 

This is the start of a year long program and partnership with the Academy whereby the teachers will be given knowledge, skills and support to develop problem solving and inquiry- based learning approaches across STEM disciplines. The school team will develop a plan to implement STEM-focused teaching and learning across Sacred Heart. 

The year long project culminates with a 1 day ‘Showcase mini-conference’ at which the school team will present their evidence-based achievements to colleagues & the broader community! 

Keep an eye out in in future newsletters for information and STEM challenges that we’ve worked on with our classes. We’ll also be using this space to ask for any resources which could be helpful for learning tasks! 


  • cotton balls 
  • Straws 
  • Rubber bands 
  • Wooden pegs 
  • Balloons 
  • Plastic cups or bowl

If so, please send them to Mrs Janet Doyle in the library. 

From your Enthusiastic STEM team!