The Dish

Our Mercy Charism calls us to live our faith. We show this commitment to faith through our deeds, especially through our service to the community.

Since 2003, St. John’s Uniting Church, Wahroonga has been operating a soup van “The Dish” in Hornsby each week serving a nourishing three course meal to those who come. It began with soup and now there is an average of a dozen who come to share a meal each time. The Dish is a broad ecumenical effort with volunteers from a number of local schools and Catholic Churches.

There is a need to re-stock the van from time to time with items such as plastic plates, cups, cutlery and takeaway containers, as well as tea, coffee, sugar and cleaning items. I contacted the organisers to ask what help we could offer them and Mr David Kindl from The Dish explained that a monetary donation would be the best help we could provide so that they can source all that they need through a local supplier in Hornsby.

Consequently, next week we will turn our outreach focus to Dollars for The Dish. Each class will have a dish on their prayer space in their classroom and students will be asked to bring in a gold coin donation.

Together we can achieve so much more. This is indeed an ideal way for different groups in our community to share the responsibility of helping those of our community who need support. Our relationship with The Dish is a highly-valued outreach initiative in our school community. I wish to extend a very special thank you to the parents and staff members of our community at Sacred Heart that have supported our commitment to The Dish this year.