Year 6 Leaders Day

His wise words were:

  1. Leadership is not about power, it is about people.
  2. Leadership is at the service of creating a community between people. At the core of this is belonging.
  3. Leadership asks the question “where are we going and how will we get there?”
  4. Leadership is about listening and all people have a voice. A good conversation has truth in the
  5. Leadership never demands perfection and everyone is their own person.
  6. Leadership is a way of loving. We cannot lead without loving and serving others.

It was a wonderful day and our leaders represented Sacred Heart beautifully. It was an honour to be with our exemplary school leaders today.


Fr David was very inspiring and taught us about how we can be great leaders. It’s ok to make mistakes when you lead, because you learn from these mistakes and become a stronger leader.  Taj


Fr David taught us about how leadership is about listening, inquiring and conversing. It is important to really engage with people, ask questions and listen with your heart. Maddie


We learnt about how other schools show leadership and raise awareness and we had time to talk with other leaders from other schools.  We learnt that leadership is all about the community you lead and it is vital to really know your community. Beattie


Today was an inspiring day and I learnt how love and leadership are linked closely and that you really do need to love the community to serve them well. As a leader you have to include others and create a place of belonging. David


Kelly Clouston

Assistant Principal